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I recently visited the Residence Inn in Grapevine, Tx and met Melody who drove the Courtesy Shuttle Bus for the hotel.I believe she also works the front desk, but on Friday, November 15th, the day we were there, she was driving the courtesy van. I was travelling to Dallas for my Global Entry interview and didn't want to mess with the traffic so asked for the shuttle bus to take me and pick me up from DFW which is about 7 miles away. Melody picked us up at the airport and took us back to the hotel. As she was doing this, she had dropped off another couple at the airport and on our way back to the hotel we stopped and picked up another couple staying at the hotel that had been out shopping all day. Apparently Melody had already picked them up a couple of times and shuttled them to another location before picking them up to go back to the hotel that afternoon. Later on that evening, we decided we wanted to go out to Pappadeaux Seafood restaurant and she again picked us up and drove us back. When she picked us up from the restaurant, she was headed again to pick up the other couple from their restaurant. Melody never once was anything but most pleasant as she diligently took us and others all the places we wanted to go that day and evening. She was so pleasant and friendly and you could tell that she truly loved her job and wanted to do everything she could to please those she was serving. I would love to nominate Melody for the Spirit to Serve award as there are not many out there in the work world anymore that still have pride in their jobs and want to do it to the best of their ability as Melody demonstrated that day.

Kudos to Residence Inn, Grapevine for hiring such a great gal!-_kudos_nomination_great_employee