Bill Marriott - 60 Years a Hotelier

Discussion created by erc on Nov 21, 2013

Bill Marriott: Sixty years a hotelier | The Economist


Good article on Mr. Marriott. I just posted earlier this morning about how he likes to always say, " a lot of pioneers have arrows in their back" (even though back in the sixties he was the one aggressively pushing his debt avoiding father to go big in hotels). The article provides a good insight into how Marriott, although late to the game on lifestyle concept, is catching up. Completely understandable and fiscally sound if not required, and it does give you somewhat a better understanding of how some of the topics discussed in this forum become backburner issues.


IMO, all of us lifers are best off when we view it like  jerrycoin Those still in the 'game' or just starting out, Mills Lane the Hall of Fame boxing referee says it best, "Protect yourselves at all times".  Enjoy the read about a true industry titan.




ps - for you quantative analysis experts or weekly international flyers, the previous blog by gulliver - Fuel Dumping is a fascinating insight into savings on flying - but you earn it. It gives me a brainfreeze, thus another reason I'm going the jerrycoin route - enjoying what I've got. Feel free to read if interested, but take that discussion to flyertalk (the video gave a good feel for some of the flyertalk 'discussions' as well). Good luck.