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Un-rewarded Points

Question asked by 3cyguys on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by bpelican

I have been working with Marriott rewards since last March trying to get points credited to my account for a hotel stay.  A group of us stayed at a very nice Marriott Resort in Grand Cayman last March.  About a month after returning home, I noticed that there hadn't been any points added to my account.  After several inquiries and questioning I was told that I was only elegible to receive points for the value of our incidential charges at the hotel, not for the entire cost of the rooms.  We had prepaid the room charges when we booked the trip a couple of months earlier.  The rooms were about $550 per night and worth quite a few points!  So far, all I have been told was that I will get points for the approximate $180 worth of incidentials (about 10,000 points) and that's it.  This was back in June and as of today, I still haven't seen those points.

I feel like I've been really ripped off and may never recommend a Marriott or afiliated property to anybody!

Has anyone else encountered this?