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Dog Friendly Vacation Clubs in California

Question asked by celebrationoflife2013 on Nov 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2013 by celebrationoflife2013

Hello All!   Our dogs are a part of our family.  We bought the Vacation Club after being told we could bring our dogs, but now I am finding that the resorts do not allow dogs unless they are service dogs... in fact, there is a $500 fine if you have a non-service dog in your room.  We were told recently while at the Newport Villas that dogs can be on the property but not in the rooms. 


Does anyone know of a California Marriott Vacation Club resort that allows dogs?  If there are none, would anyone be interested in joining me in asking them to add a new policy for dogs?  It would be nice if there were just a block of rooms or a building (i.e.: At Newport Villas building 4600) that was dog friendly. 


What do you all think?


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