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30 Years "Today" in Marriott Rewards!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2014 by jerrycoin

Today I am so please to remind myself of the wonderful experiences I have enjoyed since joining MR, 30 years ago today.  I was checking in at the new Marriott in Charleston, WV, and the lady at the front desk got me to join MR.  Wow, in life, "What small doors sometimes open up to big rooms"!  I had no idea of what enjoyment was in store for me during the next three decades of membership.  (BTW, I am NOT employed by Marriott, any travel related business or cannot say, there have been a few "Rough experience", but really very, very few).


Having experienced staying at over 200 + properties and over 1800+ paid nights, there is one thing that stands out when I review my experiences:




That includes the properties, the service, and the staff.  The wonderful, fellow MRI, that I have met on these travels, have been the highlight of every trip!  The trips seem to have so much more "Quality" when you can share a laugh or tale with MRI, like NUHusker, Chrisf, SG, and Arkwright.  These are people one can really respect and appreciate so much more, when you finally meet them.  Likewise, I hope I have a chance to meet so many others whom I have had the chance to follow on MRI.  Real people, real travelers, and experiences that have been "Invaluable" to others and myself.  Yes, we have lost some good MRI contributors for whatever reasons, I wished we had not, but that was their choice.


It's tough to really "Rank" the best places/properties in my mind because with so many of them, it is about "The purpose" of your trip!  I would also like to share that "Special Staff Members" make for "Special Stays"!  On a recent stay in Branson, Mo., I had a great chance to chat with "The Pool Caretaker, and later that day with the Maid".  These were "Real people" doing their best for other guests and myself for a fair price, that's all we can ask for.  Sure, there are lower priced, and higher priced places, but I have found very little relationship with what the room costs, and my enjoyment of the experience while there.


Well as one of my fellow MRI states, "Just my opinion"!


Have similar experiences you would like to share?


Thank-you for listening!