Time for Marriott to up miles that can be purchased with travel packages. United.

Discussion created by howieg on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by iahflyr

I continue to use Marriott Travel Packages to acquire air miles and, in my case, always with United's frequent flyer program.  With the major devaluation coming next year in United's Mileage redemptions, it's getting harder to accumulate enough miles for two tickets for international travel, and especially so now with the way the United devaluation is working.  While the effects are not so severe if flying economy, there are times when no economy seats are available.  The really big gouge being put to United frequent flyers is in business class and first class tickets on partner airlines.  I would certainly be willing to pay more Marriot points for additional air miles above the 120,000 maximum that can be obtained, though there is a 10% bonus of 12,000 miles now for being Platinum redeeming, as I recall.  That 12,000 miles isn't enough, though, to mitigate the damage to vacation plans.  If Marriott could bump the high end to 160,000 air miles on United and other select arilines, that would help a great deal.  I don't know that anyone at Marriott will consider this request, but, you can't get shot for asking.