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Discussion created by pevers on Nov 18, 2013
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I have been an elite member for some number of years and do have a pet peeve. I am curious if others have had similar experiences.


There are a few places that I have stayed at consistently and they are aware of my preferences, however, more than half the time, when I go to a new location, the first room offered to me is one with a connecting room. I would say that this is fine, except that frequently I have run across noisy neighbors. And even for those who are not noisy, I have found that the doors are not a very good barrier to sound. I hear the person in the other room moving about, watching television, talking on the phone etc. sometimes only after suggesting that I have high enough status for an upgrade.


It almost feels like the old joke where the frequent traveler tells the receptionist to give him/her the third room.


I am wondering if I am alone in experiencing such frustration in getting a good, quiet room. Especially, since I am a Platinum member, and have been at this status for, at least, the last 6-7 years.


PS: The few times when I have wanted adjacent connecting rooms, I never have been able to get them.