My Suspicious Nature at Work

Discussion created by anadyr on Nov 16, 2013
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Yes there is a point to this discussion.


Recently my Blue Cross health insurance policy mailer came, not with a cancellation notice, but with a coupon, well in reality several coupons, and one was for the Keurig brand Coffee Maker. I glanced at it thinking it was for a box of K-Cups, the coffee in a box that fits these makers. Some hotels (Marriott San Mateo being one) have these in the room and for a single cup of coffee they work well.


Prices for the maker are not cheap, starting at $119 dollars and ending up in the hundreds of dollars.  But, in this case, after nearly discarding the coupon I found that it was for a free coffee maker by Keurig, any one of them. Just had to put the coupon code in and voila, a discount equal to the purchase price would be forthcoming. Being paranoid and suspicious I figured that this was a way to get me on a schedule of buying a million K-Cups within the next three years, or worse, buying them at retail plus! So I entered my code and here's what I got: My $189 dollar Keurig Coffee Maker was now free, including no tax, and no shipping!


Your Keurig Shipping Confirmation - H012047331 - - Gmail - Mozilla Firefox 11162013 13233 PM.bmp.jpg


It is due here via FedEx today, (Saturday) and hopefully will not include a bill for an additional amount due. Call me odd, (many of you already have). But then I realized that Keurig is clever by half--  Now that I am getting the machine I will need the K-Cups forever.


This is the HP Printer story--buy a cheap printer then buy the expensive ink/toner at very high prices almost semi-annually. You'll be our friend for life.


Anyway, come over if you want a cup of coffee an please bring your own K-Cups!