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Why cannot marriott be more helpful and informative

Question asked by sacerdos15 on Nov 16, 2013
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Remember the angst caused to marriott customers including elite members not being told about the litigation concerning the Eden Roc?Was anything done about cutomers being warned about possible change of management before hand? It has happened again.The Ritz Carlton Palm Beach (Manlapan) has become aonther hotel with a strange name -Ewau or someting like it.I I have stayed there (when they had a beach) and enjoyed it very much.However it seems from media reports that there has been a two year long battle between the owners and Marriott and the owners won much like they did wth the EdenRoc.Elite members are left in the lurch.Can it be certain that it will not happen to others?Should the state of afffaris between Marriott and the owners be included in a description of a property? Why the battles? Marriott seems to be usually on the losing side except in Ft.Lauderdale where the St.Regis became a Ritz.