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Discussion created by erc on Nov 16, 2013
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The sharing of travel ideas is one of the terrific benefits of the Insiders forum. Information provided by the Marriott representatives to our policy questions is another. merb and The specified item was not found. and previously ansaa have all done a yeoman's job of tracking down info for us (especially considering that as members of an outside firm , they no doubt get the run around when they inquire); and johnl has

effectively handled several of our Rewards questions, so by no means is this a complaint about their significant contributions, just a reminder that some issues are still floating around out there (several where the answers haven't been decided yet).

Will there be a gift card bonus this year?                         No


Will the Marriott/United deal be extended?                       Yes, extended to 2/15


Are we still allowed to opt out of resort fees?                    It is a property by property decision - every man/woman for themselves


Do you earn points for paying resort fees?                        No

Do we earn points for the Marriott CCard renewal fee?    No, but maintenance fees for timeshare charged to card due earn points

Why do Marriott Reward Offers exist that are higher (for the exact same room) than the Standard (cancelable) Rate?

  Since it's unfair to pin this on the media team, I'll take a stab - Because we can, nothing to see here, move along

Who are the Tell Arne bonus points recipients?,              Anadyr and brodiejoseph

and one that actually is a complaint, but not about the media team;

Why does the Marriott Cypress Harbour an Orlando vacation club property which only has 2 BR villas, list itself as a Category 7 and shows 35,000 points per night on the Find and Reserve screen only to inform you when you click View Rates that it's actually 45,000 per night (Category 9)?  Are there others like this? Really Marriott? What next SpringHill Suites that say $99 for a room, but when you click View Rates it's $139 because it's a suite?  It's one thing to look for rates for several nights and see the lowest rate quoted and discover it's the lowest of the four or five night stay (we've discussed this in the forum and essentially agree to disagree, but at least it has an element of truth), but the points example is just outright deception, the room will never be 35,000 points.

and before my good pal iahflyr writes in and asks;

Is erc crazy?  this has been answered, like Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory


If there are other questions, please add to the list, because with this media team and communitymanagers, issues will at least be researched.