The Future is Now

Discussion created by erc on Nov 13, 2013
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Here's an insightful article about a true industry titan, Bill Marriott Jr.



It certainly makes sense for Marriott to strengthen where the future of the industry is headed. Shareholders, without a doubt, cannot be disappointed in the recent excellent 12 month performance. Selfishly, I'm hoping for an 'old school' balance of customer service recognizing long time Marriott loyalist value while pursuing the tremendous potential of the future traveler.


A paragraph that caught my attention (and has always been true about Mr. Marriott)


Marriott may have the pulse on the future of the hotel industry and the company that bears his name, but he’s decidedly old school on matters he believes count the most: his personal credo of taking care of associates who in turn will take care of the guests.


Here's hoping that without him roaming the properties like in days past, the spirit to serve lives on.