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Have you noticed any unusual animal behavior before something happens, or know of anything?

Question asked by eb5147 on Nov 14, 2013
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I hope that most of you know to notice unusual animal behavior before a weather or geological happening, so has anybody noticed anything like this?


When the tsunami happened at Christmas in Indonesia a few years ago, many people noticed animals running for high ground and followed.


I've read of animals doing the same in fires.  Even the Disney movie Bambi showed this, if I remember right.


Once we were at a state park in Myrtle Beach, SC when tropical storm Cindy was coming in about '88.  We were out on the boardwalk when all of the herons flew out of the trees at one time.  I yelled, "RUN FOR THE CAR!" and the 3 of us got to the car just as the rain torrent started.  There were others on the boardwalk who just watched us running and they got soaked.


Another time, a storm was forecast for town and I was at Wal-Mart shopping for groceries.  The lobsters in the lobster tank were all just clamoring over each other in the tank, when they usually just spread out calmly in the tank.  I don't know what the barometric pressure was doing at the time they were so excitable.