United Airlines Domestic First Class Meals or Lack Of!

Discussion created by iahflyr on Nov 12, 2013
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In the FYI department for all you who have signed up as UA Premier Silver and if you should get an upgrade to Frist Class, hope this experience of ours helps.

We just returned from two flights on UA, both in First Class to a place we fly to quite often.  Last Friday afternoon on the flight we got "refreshments" which consists of a snack box the flight attendant brings around with potato chips, almonds, granola bars and the like.  Since we were arriving at 4:25 PM and the flight was 1+40 minutes we didn't expect anything else.

However; the return flight was leaving at 5:24 PM landing at 7:01 PM and one would think in First Class you will get a dinner of some sort.  Surprise......looks like UA is not service meals at mealtime for flights of two hour and under. This flight was longer than two hours when the flight attendant came around with our drinks I asked "anything to eat"?  She sheepishly replied "no I'm sorry" and explained the inbound flight was to have the snack box like we had on our outbound flight but it seemed the flight to get us ate them all, so we got nothing.  WHAT, First Class and you get nothing!! The flight attendant was extremely polite, apologetic and offered to go to the Economy cabin to get us the Tapas snack box they sell if we'd like to have it. 

We go the Tapas and it was fine as I'd much rather cook at home that evening even if later than eat most airline food.  Sad part is nobody knew of this sudden change in policy, not even the crew which I find completely unacceptable for management to leave them hanging out in the public as they seem to have done.  Not one of the passengers sitting around us had any news of this taking place either.  Having flown these flights numerous times it was a huge surprise and one most people will not prepare for by eating or bringing food with them.

Appears to be yet another way UA is hoping to attract customers and provide a "friendly"experience.