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Restaurant Gift Cards - Holiday Sale

Question asked by erc on Nov 8, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by eb5147
With a one year Treasury earning me a dime in interest on $100, I've invested in food. November is the kickoff for restaurant chains to start offering bonus gift cards, often $10 for every $50 or a 20% or better return (read the fine print, often the bonus, like our MegaBonus  certificates, have a limited time of use, so don't slip up). Here's a list of some of my recent purchases and other offerings.
Be sure to take a look at the first two restaurants - they are chains and have some excellent brands. Combined with our Insider technique of Happy Hour beverages and appetizers at their bar (most with booths), these dining dollars go a long way. If necessary, avoid shipping charge by going the e-mail route. Join in and add to the list - let's beat the system, the Insider way.  Roy's and Fleming's  Joe's Stone Crab, Wildfire (25% deals)
Chains that had 20% bonus last year (so perhaps they haven't come out yet)
PF Changs
Cheesecake Factory (and Grand Lux Cafe)
California Pizza Kitchen
Red Robin
Ruby Tuesdays
don't forget the Chipotle $30 card with a free burrito ( >$6)
Now if only I can find a Hillstone (Bandera et al.) deal
Please share any deals you guys find