Which Airlines Now Allow Electronic Devices?

Discussion created by pluto77 on Nov 7, 2013
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Yesterday (and the day prior) as I was flying low and slow in and out of San Diego, I was thinking how nice it would be to be able to use my cell phone to take some aerial snaps of some stellar scenery of the area: Point Loma, Coronado Island and the bridge connecting it to the city, the city skyline, the coastline, the gorgeous Balboa Park and near and dear to my heart, the Marine Base (Marine Corps Recruit Depot) which butts up to Lindbergh Field.  The sky was clear and the view of all these mentioned places was fabulous.


Nonetheless, I did not, knowing that if I got caught, I'd be PNG (passenger non grata) with the F/A's who had only moments prior explicitly forbidden the use of electronics during takeoff and landing, even though I recalled sg1974's post which let us know that the FAA has finally decided to relax it's policies regarding the use of in-flight electronic gadgetry.


Even though I was aware of the FAA's recent ruling, the airline I flew with had obviously not relaxed their rules and it got me wondering when this glorious day was going to happen.  Well indeed it has happened, but only with certain airlines on certain flights.  Here's the link to the article which provides the details.  Which airlines now allow electronic devices? - NBC


Have you yet experienced a flight in which these rules have been relaxed?  If so, please share your experience.