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What were your best Marriott/Starwood stays in the past 12 months?

Question asked by erc on Nov 12, 2013
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While changing out my travel calendars and gearing up for 2014 (with nice trips scheduled in December) I reviewed my past year of travel and realized how fortunate I was to capture some terrific memories at Marriott properties, greatly enhanced by Insider input. As difficult as it was to rank my favorites, I thought it would be interesting for us to share with each other our best lodging experience over the past twelve months, as well as seeing how we value different service attributes.


What were your best stays? Please share one from each group - Full Service (Ritz, Marriott, Renaissance, Autograph) and Other Brands. Feel free to describe why it was your most enjoyable stay and if desired, mention a runner up. NO TIES, these are hotels, not children!  Lurkers, this is a tremendous opportunity for your first post - it will be a brilliant post, since you are the expert on what your best experience was .

merb and The specified item was not found.  you can play also since we're discussing best experience (so it's not like asking Mssrs. Sorenson or Marriott what is their favorite property).



Here are my selections of best experience at a Marriott over the past 12 months:


Full Service - The JW Marriott in Indianapolis (just edging out the Aruba Marriott) - We went to this property solely based on Insider input and couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Great customer service throughout the property, a fantastic corner room with lovely views, a superb Concierge Lounge with daily replenishing, an excellent restaurant, and even a turn down service that we met each night with loads of chocolates


Other Brands - The Residence Inn Richmond, Va. Northwest - (just edging the Residence Inn Muskoka Wharf Canada) - A consistent excellent performer, this is my go to property in the West End of Richmond when visiting my southern relatives. A well run breakfast, a pleasant fire pit, a location in the middle of some excellent local restaurants; what made this property stand out for me was, when checking in for my one bedroom suite with by wife and adult daughter, before I had barely even said hello, they welcomed us, thanked me for my platinum level of loyalty and informed us we had been upgraded to the two bedroom suite. Almost instantaneously, my daughter let out a "yeah baby" (or something like that in millennial speak) as she essentially was moved from sofa bed to bedroom! As any road warrior will tell you, the way to his/her heart is through thoughtfulness toward their family and this was a home run.



Ok gang, join in - best answer gets breakfast included at next Fairfield stay