$1000 Marriott gift card is a joke.

Discussion created by cletophl on Nov 11, 2013
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I searched for other discussions on this topic and did not find any, so here it goes.


About 2 years ago, I used the "promotion" of 117,000 for $1000 in Marriott Cheques.


Last year, I "purchased" $1000 in Marriott cheques for 135,000 points.


In January, I was researching how many points I needed for us to take our entire Honeymoon (flight, hotel, spending money) for free off points and noticed the $1000 cheques were now gift cards, and 205,000 points.


Today, I check out the gift cards, and $1000 is now 255,000 points.


What the heck happened to my points? I used half the points to get the same reward in the past.


I have been choosing a slightly pricier hotel to stay at a Marriott. The week after Thanksgiving is my first business stay at an Embassy Suites. Hilton did a status match and I don't have to jump through hoops for free breakfast or deal with an overcrowded lounge. I already have platinum for 2014, and if they don't get rid of the rollover nights, I have it for 2015. There is no incentive for me to pick the pricier hotel. I still earn free nights at Hilton, get free breakfast and they cost less.


I complained to Marriott about it and I hope they reevaluate the point amount.