Who ever conceived of the Bistro idea?

Discussion created by dcr022002 on Nov 5, 2013
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Last night I was forced to stay in a Courtyard (Livonia, MI) with a Bistro.  I have been doing my best to avoid most Courtyards and certainly any with the Bistro.  It was late, and I wanted a salad.  3 people were waiting on food, it was fairly deserted.  The man who checked me into the hotel was preparing people's orders, and the other guy from the front desk was going between preparing orders and answering the phone and checking people in.  Since this is all in plain sight, does anyone else find this unsanitary?


This morning at 530 AM I wanted coffee, and here we go.  I stood at the Bistro and could not tell if it was open or not.  A  lady was behind the podium at the front desk.  After several minutes I asked her if anyone was around, as I wanted coffee.  She said I would have to come to the front desk to pay for it first.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Then as she gave me the coffee, another guy came up and had a free coffee coupon.  How did he get that?  Im Platinum Premier, shouldnt that give you free coffee?


In my opinion the Bistro is one of the most ill conceived ideas to date.  From the 3 people waiting last night to my experience this morning, I really wonder if anyone has taken the time to poll people's satisfaction, certainly when it comes to $9 for coffee and cereal in an environment with questionable at best sanitary conditions?