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Hello to All,


Although I had good intentions to write Marriott to say "thank you for hiring Ms. Kolbee F." who work at Springhill Suites at Norfolk Old Dominion, four months ago, I am saying it now .  After arriving from a grueling tour in Afghanistan which consisted of  working  continuously in a hostile environment with no days off, it was great walking into the hotel and greeted by a sincere warm smile, welcoming spirit and professional with great work ethics.  Ms. Franklin had no idea that her simple salutations, smiles, and just asking if there was anything  I needed, helped my transition to the states that much easier.  You see, after arriving back into the states, after traveling several days, I stayed on base for approximately three days and had to relocated due to the lack of space. Being in a pinch I  had  to find something immediately,  I went out as far as Greenbrier but didn't want to make that daily commute

(possibly three weeks).  When I found Springhill Suites, made my  reservations and stayed the first night.....it was home away from home immediately.  During my stay, I ran into some minor hiccups, Murphy law events:  room key not working due to lock, couldn't enter the garage several times (system was temperamental).  However, whenever I called, Ms. F happened to hear me out, service me with a smile,  and solved the issue at hands.  Come to think about it, I guess had frequent re-occurrences because she began to greet me by name..too funny, she has the patience of a saint.  Staying there was a peace of mind, a large piece of the puzzle that make us appreciate being home in USA.   Thank you Ms. F.