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Although the site has greatly reduced the clutter, often when our man Andy, the community manager, posts an Exclusive News and Promotions, it gets quickly buried (and it's not listed chronologically in the Community section), because comments, if any, only show up on the Activity page and not the Home Page. Doing Marriott's promotional marketing for them, since I'm such a prince of a guy, let's throw this rascal up on the Main Page, because they're actually some pretty decent Point Savers deals here.

(in case you missed it up above )


Washington DC, due to a variety of shoot themselves in the foot legislative geniuses, continues to limp along, so Marriott must deal - any of you who are worn out by the 'death of a thousand cuts' rewards benefits erosion, here's your shot at some payback (there's also some excellent cash rates - book a weekend w/cash and 'zing 'em' mid-week with a points saver - yeah baby). A $400 Renaissance Mayflower for 22,500 points is a pretty attractive offering (add $50 and get the executive suite - although, I have found the Mayflower especially on their slower nights, are one of the better upgrade possibilities, with an excellent CL offering). So check the link out, you may be surprised, some good Pittsburgh Renaissance offers early next year also, and so on and so on with some warm locations as well.


While I've got your attention - New York city Sunday night January 5th - whew, snag that AAA cozy room Lexington for $127 ($149 net) and invest the savings in a great dinner at Keep on keepin' on Insiders, as we battle The Man.