Only studio's available for rewards redemption

Discussion created by mac010406 on Nov 4, 2013
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This is just to make a point, and I rarely ever do, but here goes.


I travel 250 plus days of the year with at least a 100 of those days overseas. I'm also married with two children.


I'm not angry, in fact I still think the rewards program is one of the best out there and I'm sure at some point I will probably stay in a Marriott Hotel.  Bad clerks and crappy service are unfortunately a way of life and you'll get them in most places regardless of how much you pay for a room or a meal.  BUT; Policy is policy and I cannot get over the so called "No Blackout" policy you guys advertise.


It should read "No Blackout Dates....unless you have a family and need a one, two, or three bedrooms room"  or maybe "No Blackout dates if you're a couple....but please no kids"


To make matters won't even allow us to pay additional cash to get the extra bedroom!!!! Who came up with that idea? who ever it was FIRE HIM... he's making you look bad!


What am I suppose to do with all those points if I can't take my family anywhere?


I just spent four months in a competitors hotel in Dubai, mainly due to the unavailability of an upgrade at the Marriott. Another story but your loss!


In an attempt to redeem points, I just attempted to book a vacation this Christmas in California, but couldn't get anything but a studio or single room, and trust me I tried every single hotel in 100 miles. But fine I'll stay with a competitor...once more your loss!


Due to the above, I also just cancelled a 34 day stay in Gulf Breeze Florida and forfeited a guaranteed 50,000 bonus points.....why... because they're absolutely useless to me if you can't accommodate my family.....


Time to part our ways, thanks for the great memories,


oh and I'm also cancelling the credit card!