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Ranking Hotel Chains in  the US and Around the World?

Question asked by anadyr on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by jerrycoin

I've stayed at a few non-Marriotts (NMS) in my career, as have many of you.  While this is not a scientific poll, can you tell me what you've liked and not liked at the various NMS that you've experienced.


I've found that Fairmont Hotels (based on a few stays) is top of my list for all things hotel-like

Reasons: excellent whatever you want we can do attitude on the part of staff, rooms that are very very nice, and wonderful food.

Four Seasons, where I have less experience and stays is second.

Price in this case begets service that is very much above an beyond amazing.  Shoe shining, valets on the floor, car service--you name it they do it.

Last, but certainly not least some Intercontinental hotels are also excellent.

Amazingly each of the hotels has a unique ambiance, a distinct character.  Like the other two above, the service is what makes the stays enjoyable.



Anyone else care to rank them (even if the ranking includes Marrriott branded properties?)