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Executive Lounge County Hall

Question asked by patrish on Nov 3, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2013 by bayonneboy

I need information on what the Executive Lounge at Marriott County Hall in London has to offer.  We usually stay at Marriott's in the Caribbean (resorts) which either don't have or don't offer to gold members unless an upgrade is paid.  MCH offers Executive Lounge access but not to ages 17 and younger.  My grandson and son will be traveling with me and I'm wondering if I should indulge this information of my grandson's age up front so we would then eat breakfast in the restaurant there or should I be quiet and except what the Executive Lounge has to offer.  Last year I stayed at Marriott Park Lane and they also had an Executive Lounge that we never even used.  MPL gave us full English breakfast every day at no charge due to gold status.  I will achieve Platinum by the beginning of December.  I know that doesn't help me now.  Will we only get Continental breakfast even in the restaurant or does the Executive Lounge offer any hot food for breakfast?