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Pick the waffle contest

Question asked by painedplatinum on Nov 3, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by iahflyr

Okay folks. I'm firmly stationed in my hotel in Douala. I'll bet not many have stayed in such quarters, but I'll get to that in another posting....


I'll also try to get my $%#^ together and add a blog post for Brussels. Now for the topic at hand:


I had the pleasure of a long layover from PHL to DLA at BRU (Brussels Airport).  I met up with my niece who trained it down (about 2 hrs) from Maastricht, in the Netherlands. We spent a nice 5 hrs exploring the center of Brussels. Of course, as the walking was building up the appetite, we needed to replenish our strength with a waffle. From the attached photo, can you guess which one? Do any of the choices look good to you?