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Anyone else get denied stay credits for not booking directly with Marriott?

Question asked by elem on Nov 3, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by eb5147

Can anyone provide a reasonable answer as to why Marriott would not give elite night credits for a stay simply because it was not booked directly with Marriott? This has happened on two occasions, one of which a Supervisor corrected "as a courtesy".On both occasions I booked a package with air and hotel. Once was on the Marriott website and once was with JetBlue. I had many hotel chain options but I chose Marriott since I'm a rewards member. I later found out that the stays didn't count because I booked through a "third party". I was under the impression they were affiliates. I was told I didn't "pay Marriott directly and got a reduced room rate" so it was as if I never stayed. I argued that obviously Marriott was paid through JetBlue or whoever they sold the room to, Marriott didn't donate them. Marriott certainly made money. Ironically, the package only reduced the airfare, not the room so I didn't even get a discounted rate. I said "so if my brother gets a military reduced rate, my mother gets a senior citizen reduced rate and I get an AAA reduced rate, I still get the credit regardless of a discount".  How ridiculous to discourage loyalty simply because a reservation wasn't made with Marriott per se. To add insult to injury, I was told I would be given points to compensate for breakfast being unavailable but since the stay didn't count, they didn't apply those points either. I will definitely be rethinking my choices should I have to choose a package again. Shame on Marriott for such a senseless policy. Elite night credits cost them nothing. Failing to give them could cost them guests.