Make me feel special please

Discussion created by jhardin on Oct 31, 2013
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I've noticed something lately at Marriott. I am a platinum member and a top contributor for Trip Advisors. For a middle class midwest girl, I travel for both pleasure and business a lot (at least once a month). I think I was treated more like a member of the family before I reached top status. Here's what I mean. When I was silver, I was greeted by my name and thanked for being a elite member. When I hit my gold status I was congratulated and upgraded to the best suite in the house. Now I am platinum. I get nothing!! Well, not nothing. I did get a room with a view after asking for it. But I no longer seem to have a personal greeting. I have not once been acknowledged for my newest status much less thanked. What happened to being special? I believed that my Marriott status was proof of my loyalty. Thus the name "loyalty program." I can just as easily spend my money across the street at Hilton and build my Hilton brand loyalty up again since I let it slide to stay with Marriott. I am not a member of a loyalty club because I am the pushy one; the person who calls for the manager and insists on perks. I'm the one who calls ahead for reservations and shows up! My credit card (Marriott Rewards) shows their name over mine. I spend my money at Marriott. But if I don't start getting simple "Thank You Ms Hardin for being a Platinum member. Your continued patronage is the reason we stay in business." If I wanted to treated just like everyone else, I could (God forbid you tell anyone I said this) go to Holiday Inn. I've worked hard staying loyal to Marriott so that I could achieve Platinum. Now that I'm there, they are taking away my incentive! Thank you for letting me vent. I feel better. Where is Mr. Rogers when I need him? Hilton?