Internet is literally the worst in the Industry

Discussion created by t2stull on Oct 27, 2013
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I am a platinum member with Marriott and love the brand 95% of the time.  But, right now, I am writing this post from a Holiday Inn.  I hit platinum status for the year a while back, and now I am testing other brands to see if the consistency of internet quality is better than Marriott.  As a business traveler, internet quality is important.  When I check into a hotel at 10pm, I don't want to spend 30 minutes waiting for my computer to download 50 emails.  This should take 10 seconds.  At Marriott (all brands, and the consistently the majority of locations) the internet speed is not up to standard for 1992, let alone 2013. 


The reality is, Marriott handles internet access as an optional, or luxury amenity in their hotels.  As a business traveler, I can tell you that this is no longer the case for internet access, it is a required amenity and should have a standard as with any other hotel feature.  When I check in to a Marriott I know the bathroom will be clean, I should also know the TV is going to work and I can get online .  My phone should not offer 3x or 4x the speed (in some cases 10x) of the hotel Wifi.  Roughly out of the last 30 hotels I have stayed at the WiFi was slower than my 1mbps in about 60%. 


I am not saying it needs to be free, I am saying it needs to exist. 


(Also, I have written Marriott directly on two occasions about this.  The first time, I got a canned response.  The second time, they didn't even respond.)


After years, with Marriott this topic, and how it has been handled is almost enough to make me leave.  I know hotel wide improvements are expensive and slow and complex.  I am not asking for an overnight solution.  I am asking Marriott to simply address the fact that something needs to be improved and share their plans so I can justify keeping them as my go to brand.  If spending $15-$20-$30K a year on hotels does not entitle me to inquire into what I can expect, then I will find a hotel chain that respects that significant expense.