e-folio not timely

Discussion created by bonzaiflyer on Oct 24, 2013
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According to the setting for e-folio in your website, you can opt to have e-folio sent to you - "Have an electronic version of your hotel bill emailed to you within 72 hours of check-out after every stay. (Not available in all countries.)"


Has anyone consistently received their within the 72 hours?  And why 72 hours?  Starwood has mine in my email inbox typically before I check out, while Marriott is lucky to meet their own 72 hour target.  For example, today is October 24, I stayed at the Marriott West Palm Beach Oct 11-13 and just this morning received my e-folio.  Meanwhile, I'm sitting at my desk at the Sheraton Iowa City, I checked in on October 21 and am leaving today and I already have my folio for this stay.


I usually check out on Thursday, and if it was a Marriott brand, it's not uncommon for my e-folio to arrive on Monday or Tuesday the following week. 


The West Palm trip wasn't business, so I wasn't worried about getting the e-folio, so I thought I'd just let it play out.  So it took 11 days for what?  This trip is for business, and it's nice that I already have it as I can get this entered into my expense report now.


Time to step up your game here Marriott.