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Does Marriott Parters Really Care?

Question asked by manager on Oct 23, 2013

I Traded all my Vacation Club Points and Reward Points to travel to Australia for my wife and myself. I used Marriott/Ice Enterprise, Marriott's new flight program. I traded all my Reward Points for my hotels and all my vacation club points for my flights.  Everything was great until we found out that Ice did not get our names fully correct, so one of the nice Ice agents asked me to send a copy of our passports which I did. The agent contacted Air China and he said the airline said it is no big deal, it was the same name with Jr. left off my name and my wife's middle name also left off. I contacted Air China and their agent said it may be a problem and we may not be able to board our flight because our reservation does match our passports. I called Ice again a few weeks later and another agent tried to help but could not so I asked for a Supervisor. I was told all the Supervisors were busy and the the original agent or a Supervisor would call me back. It has been three days and no call back.


So, we are unsure if we will be able to have this great trip to Australia in January and we may lose all the points and money that we have invested. Marriott said they cannot do anything about their partner. This is not like Marriott, I have only had great experiences with all my travel with Marriott in the pass. Be sure about what your agent is doing if you used this new Marriott flight travel Department.