The Inn at Opryland, a Gaylord Resort

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I wanted to say Thank you in a big way to Michael at the Inn at Opryland.  When I reserved my room initially online, I had requested and paid about $10/day more for an interior room.  Because we got there really late on Friday night, they had given all the interior rooms away and we were stuck with an exterior room.  I had two small children with me and I didn't feel comfortable staying in an exterior room but we had no choice.  Saturday when I woke up I went to the front desk and spoke to a nice women about getting my room switched to an interior room.  She spoke with the manager and they said they were all booked and they couldn't accommodate my request but they would credit my account $10/day.  I said ok, but when I got back to the room I just wasn't happy.  It wasn't about the money.  So I called down to the front desk and wanted to speak with the manager myself and a gentleman named Michael answered.  The manager was unavailable but he asked if he could help.  I told him the situation and he immediately wanted to help me out.  He was so kind and looked into it for me and found that we could switch room's to an interior room after someone checked out.  We were headed downtown and he said he could have our luggage moved for us if it was packed.  So we did that and left it by the door.  Once we came back from downtown we got our new room and all our bags were there.  The room was very nice and he left a note for us, hoping that we enjoyed our new room.  I just felt like I was taken care of and he understood my concern and really helped find a solution.  I wanted to tell him Thank You personally but he wasn't there when we checked out.  So I'm hoping that this gets to him and if I can nominate him for a Spirit to Serve I would like to.


Thanks again Michael, you made our stay much more enjoyable and I will definitely return when we visit again.


Natalie Swanson