Polarity and its discontents

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Well, here goes: 

I have been a contributor to Marriott Rewards Insiders (first named Montereyman, but my account was hacked so I changed it to Stepping Stones) from the second day of its existence, served as an Ambassador (as Stepping Stones) for two years, even reached lofty heights in posting status (after taking nearly a year off and being reincarnated as Anadyr) without resorting to cheap posting tricks (well, maybe just a few one liners but then who among us is perfect?)

I've just seen a post that calls on me among others to "pump up the site" whatever that means, but I'd rather think of my personal relationship with this site in terms of scientific laws, namely magnetism and its manifestations. The ancient Greeks (who were not members of any loyalty programs) living in the city of Magnesia, and some early Chinese knew about stones (possibly chunks of iron ore struck by lightning) with the power to attract iron. A steel needle stroked with such a "lodestone" became "magnetic" as well, and around 1000 the Chinese found that such a needle, when freely suspended, pointed north-south.  Thus, something that is magnetic attracts something else. 

Not so for me with Insiders.

Well, I guess the  attraction has dimmed for me, and dimmed quite a bit.  I am less and less attracted to the site, preferring to simply make a reservation then stay at a Marriott, and never post about it.  And, as for unforgivable sins, I had deleted my Insiders tab on Firefox! (Slap on the hand already accepted).  I find that the site has very little that I need or want (get ready to tell me off, site approvers), and that I am becoming polarized (not a reference to either ice covered mass but to the polarity in magnetism). I check it when someone tags or mentions me, but to tell the truth the site has almost no value for me in my day to day dealings.  It must be me, since there are plenty of others out there, newbies and 'old-bies', who post frequently.

This is not an I quit post, but rather a statement of fact. As in advertising, nothing can titillate the public forever, and Insiders appears to a different demographic than I reside in.  (grumpy old men as my wife calls it)  So, thanks for the offer to pump us all up (scenes of old SNL skits rush through my head--"we're going to pump you up!").

I'll check in here from time to time, maybe even post a time or two, continue to stay at Marriott hotels when the price is right (that's getting harder to do these days), and live the life of a retired (semi) person who is less attracted to Marriott Rewards Insiders than in the past. 

I have no solutions for fixing this polarity issue so I can offer none. I leave that to others.


Anadyr/Stepping Stones/Montereyman (a-la witness protection, Insiders style)