In case you missed these - October posts with no responses

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Insiders have discussed in significant detail the deleterious impact of the flood of hotel reviews. To his credit, communitymanagers has listened and responded with an upcoming format, promised in November. The reviews by cluttering up most all of the boards has had IMO, three major negative impacts:

1) They have greatly reduced the visibility of posts. Regardless of content, importance to Insiders, or interest potential, posts fly across the Insiders forum like shooting stars - often never to be seen again.

2) Even when posts are 'stumbled upon', the reviews have materially increased the PITA factor in tracking and participating in the discussions. This significantly reduces participation, which because has a geometric growth pattern to it (two more participants often quadruples further input, etc), costs tremendous loss of potential ideas.

and perhaps the most damaging negative impact;

3) Because of numbers 1 and 2 above, the pool of participating Insiders has understandably (coupled with general disappointment in Rewards benefit erosion and recognition) diminished.

Only a year ago, few, if any posts went without having comments. Now it is commonplace for two or three posts a day to be shutout, never to be addressed or heard from again.

Here's a sampling of October's misses - so far;  (if any of the original posters see this dalemillington, courtyardlover, pointjunkie, phctourist, wrigh3jl, bayareawolf

and no one responds, be sure to read the More Like This column over to the right of your post - many have excellent info)  Plains of Africa  - this was just posted today, so it still has a shot, but if the diminished pool of participants either A) don't see it or B) don't have the expertise, this will die without input  Cocoa Beach Ireland  (newhiltonmembr kicked in some flight thoughts)    Amsterdam (jerrycoin and bprince  joined in)   Honeymoon tips (oops, I mean Honeymoon trip tips, I can only imagine the replies to Honeymoon tips )  Hotel 57 vs. CY Soho



And then, in case you missed it, for your viewing pleasure, sg1974 posted a link with some nice travel photos


and in one of our finest photo albums ever (along w/some of ssindc's work - newhiltonmembr shows us all around Northwestern Spain)


Northwestern Spain - August 2013


Keep on keepin' on Insiders.


and now, rounding up some of the usual suspects to 'prime the pump' - Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines


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