Staff at Fairfield Inn &Suites Brooklyn ALL GREAT

Discussion created by nosleeptillbrooklyn on Oct 21, 2013
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I want to share how much I respect Dennis, Sally, Madeline and Brian, the front desk staff at the Brooklyn Fairfield Inn Suites in NYC.  I see how they strive for professional excellence and how much patience they have.  I find the maintenance staff always friendly and respectful.  I have a long drive and always arrived exhausted, so the first thing is get my room key and drop my things off.  I have locked myself out of the room, dropped my key in the elevator, everything you don't want to deal with or have happen after such a long drive.  I have sat down in front of my room and they have never, ever complained about getting me back into my room promptly.  They literally see how tired I am.  Next day, I'm ready to deal with my business after a hot breakfast (I can't stress how much that helps).  Coming back in the evening is changing clothes, using the computer to browse my emails, stretching my legs and reading on the rooftop, then walking up to 5th Avenue to shop/dine/unwind.  I especially want to thank Mr. Dennis, who has seen me struggle with bags and he meets me with the luggage cart and a smile saying "allow me to help you."  He has true pride in his position and really goes out of his way to help.  This is wonderful.  All the staff are great.  Thank you all.