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Why is there is decline in Customer Service and Respect in Marriotts?

Question asked by sadenheart on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2016 by sean61

I have been reading some of my fellow Marriott Rewards members complaints and some of it is just not exceptable at all. Marriott's strive for years hell it's

been tradition to always place the customers needs first. I have noticed a decline this year as well in customer service among northern Marriott Properties

two to be exact right here in Downtown San Francisco. (1) The Marriott Marquis Hotel in San Francisco well the story is too long and requires step by

step. When The MOD stands by and allows an Marriott Gold Member in Good Standing While on the phone in the lobby with reservations and starts to

be harassed my security personnel again. during his stay that becomes a problem especially when the security decided to place his hands on him. and

punches him in the face ect.... The Whole entire management needs in overhall in that situation. I have waited for a response or explanation from corporate

and well they are speechless I think intentional. I had my company do some research and this property has had over 252 Consumer complaints in 2013

I have nno words for that at all.  My advice is if you want to be treated with respect go to the JW MARRIOTT property I think they could teach them a think or

two about service. I have also advised my travel staff to stay away from the Marriott Marquis Hotel San Francisco until we are satisfied that the Marriott

service model is in place among all guest and there is no longer a threat of violence from any employee. or third party security guard. I and the company

have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this sort of behavior. Someone from Marriott International, Inc needs to come down and scrap some dishes.


Because me personally or any VP's guest or our company employees won't stand for it.  This Marriott Marquis Hotel in SF needs the light shined down

on it.  There has also been a few Courtyard Properties in the surrounding areas but nothing like this.