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Claude, "President of Transportation" Made my Day!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Oct 17, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by laurac

Scene:  FF KCMO, Union Hill

Character:  FF Transportation Shuttle Driver, Claude!

Activity:  Outstanding service to give FF guests complimentary shuttles to local dining, shopping and nearby travel centers.


Claude, was most helpful at making my family reunion most memorable. His business card says it all, President of Transportation, and he showed us his enjoyment of guest service, and pride in his job.   He delivered us, always with a smile, to shop, dine and the train station.  This is most unique in a time when most hotels do not offer this kind of service anymore.  It allowed us to avoid bad weather, save money, eliminate parking problems, and spend more time enjoying ourselves.


Just wanted to thank him for contributing to the wonderful time my family had in Kansas City!


Have you enjoyed the friendly service Claude has show us?