Package handling fees

Discussion created by tamaramunoz on Oct 16, 2013

I stayed recently at the Marriott Grande Vista in Orlando, FL. Before I checked in, I made the front desk aware by phone and by email that I would have a larger vehicle, and that I would be receiving some packages during my stay. When I arrived, I was told where to park, and that worked out fine. One morning, my packages arrived and I got a call from Loss Prevention, who handles Receiving, that they had come in. The man mentioned they didn't have too much space, so I went and met them to load the boxes into my truck directly. When I checked out, there was a "package care" fee of $48 on my bill ($3 per box). I understand that resorts may bot be used to getting packages, and they may have different rules, but the way it was handled, to me, was unacceptable. When I called and asked about the fee, first no one knew what it was. When I spoke with the package room (the same man who had delivered the boxes) he said this is a fee charged to non-owners. I explained that I was a Marriott Owner as well as a Platinum Premier member. He informed me that didn't matter, this courtesy was only for Grande Vista owners.


I was never notified of this fee by anyone at any point, and suggested he be sure the desk staff was informed of this policy to avoid this issue in the future. He then transferred me to a "manager" who turned out to be someone in the accounting department. She said she was unaware of the policy, and would look into it further. She said that she agreed I should have been informed of the charge, so I'd have the choice to have my boxes sent elsewhere (which I would have done). She also stated that the front desk was probably unaware of the fee as she was, and that's why they didn't mention it. She implied the fee should be removed, but couldn't promise. She said she would call me back and let me know for sure. I have not received any follow up or calls back. I'm really disappointed in the lack of customer service, especially in light of the fact that staff seems to be unfamiliar with the charge, and that I was not made aware of it either. Grande Vista is a big place, and with all the transferring around, I feel I'm getting lost in the shuffle. I feel they are hoping if they ignore me, the problem will go away, but it's just making me more frustrated. I'm now stuck with a $48 charge that should be for my office, and nowhere to turn for help. Any advice on who to contact? The whole bill has now hit my credit card, and no adjustments have been made. It's really left me with a bad taste in my mouth, when my stay really was quite pleasant otherwise. At this point I will definitely not stay at a MVC property ever again while on business. ,