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What Defines Loyalty?

Question asked by sadenheart on Oct 15, 2013
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You know one thing that has followed me over the years is when I worked for the Walt Disney Company. There foundation and principal for the ulitmate guest experience is formed me on how I approach customer service expectations today. Also Most Marriott Rewards members share my thoughts on the following, I am not going to go into specifics this more of just sharing a comment/suggestion. I have noticed a few people walking away from the rewards program since I have enrolled which has not been that long. and it made me thing why? Marriott does very well at its customer service experiences and recoveries. but when you are at risk of loosing a loyal guest that should be a big deal to marriott. From experience a few times I have come across that feeling from very few properties that carry the marriott signature. I have recently experienced a nightmare at Marriott Marquis Hotel and I am a loyal gold member to the Marriott Brand. What happened that morning would never be something I would like to speak about again. I am brought to a cross roads here . I like the property but the about 60 percent of the staff does not match the quality of the hotel. it is like they belong working for the motel 6 and not at the marquis. I have come accross rude associates, security with verbal threats ect. what happened there to me recently was very disturbing I am not talking about it because customer service already has an open complaint file. and it is most difficult but I am trying to remain patient. I say what I mean as well I love the Marriott Brand and the customer service outline but it did not carry over to this property.



Ok this what I don't understand ok. On the Corporate level you should see a loyal gold member that uses nothing but the marriott brand of hotels when traveling. and well did frequent one property because of its beauty until the recent incident the marriott marquis hotel. I have redeemed alot of points at this location for free night stays. very expensive i might add. 35,000 points a night. I will say this much I don't understand it and does not make any sense and the local management is not consistent. Ok so I found out for some reason I am not quit getting I was asked not to come back to this property in or around june ok. Since then I was stayed alot at this property I mean alot. some of the daytime agents even remembered my name at the elite desk. again showing the value of my loyalty and tier status.



However now I feel paytrayed by the Marriott Rewards Program the reason is this very reason. The definition of a Rewards is to give back something for giving something but what do you do when you are verbally/physically assualted on property by there secuirty because like I said I was suspose to be tresspassing for the second time in a row since june which I don't get. How can you be tresspassing somewhere while the property is honoring your reservations through 800-228-2100 reservations and and KInda does not make since and creates a huge liability for the property. You know I could sit here and argue that you should return every point I used at the property from June till now because of what they did to me. I have two witnesses one a lady I did not even know who followed me out of the hotel shortly after I was walked out of there. and someone I knew of through travels there. The marriotts away of guest recovery is to do a goodwill adjustment as you like to call it. but as a recommendation you should have better recovery skills when a serious situation like this arrives from one of your gold elite members.


You should apply the crisis customer service recovery module that the Walt Disney Company created they actually think the worst to have an immediate response to correct it later. The honesty is I did not break any laws I always communicated with the property and the front desk about any question or issue. it is just not possible to be banned from a property and not know or regonize the very person you banned months and months later. I have them all printed out the e-certicates used and points earned from the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco.



Now I know For a fact that I should from somewhere should have received an apology from somewhere? I am still waiting? and there should have been some type of rewards applied to attempt to compensate for the bad service well in this case alot worse than just a bad service experience. You cannot argue with fact. That day the property said they did not know who I was and that I never stayed there. well marriott rewards we both know that is not true. I have used a huge chunk of my points at the marriott location my rewards. for being loyal, respectful to the marriott brand.



The Facts the electronic efolios and the hard copies don't lie that me Mr. Timothy Zimmerman a Gold Elite Member has stayed there with open arms since june 30th. but yet the property is trying to argue against that very fact. I am not going to directly ask you to return those points because I honestly don't know what to say. Your response to this situation should have been more immediate. and it proves that my loyalty at this point does not mean that much to you. it means something just not much as it should. Am I disappointed yes. You know you would think I would be more mad but

I am incrediably disappointed and you lost my trust. I am just going off of your actions. no purpose or intention of guest recovery. considering what happened actually I should never have to worry about points for a while. but for some reason you show so much restraint when it comes to any negative issue from a guest experience. which I will never understand because from a guest recovery stand point the guest you have are your business without us you would be nothing.  I am hanging on by a thread here but I need to have confidence in marriott and right now it is like you are doing everything possible to get me to walk away and I don't want to. I am sorry but i am hurt and i don't know what else to say. I will say this that the marriott jw properties that I have visited and residence inn properties have had the most excellence in customer service experiences. actually once I stayed the JW marriott and I stayed there for several weeks I just could not get away from that outstanding service. I am standing in front of you marriott rewards so where do we go from here?