Do you talk the way you write?

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Would anyone know it was you talking by the way you write?


If you're like me, the answer is no.   


I'm southern and I LOVE to hear people talk.  I like to ask them about their accents and where they come from.  It has to do with travel, doesn't it?  I get to find out one place where all of these interesting people have been just from where their accents are from.  When they answer, they often say something like, "Well, I was born in NY but I grew up in FL and my father was in the Air Force so we lived all over the world.".


Fascinating!!!  Just from one little question!!!


But like I said, I'm southern.  I know that my writing is proper English (American), but my speech isn't.


I can talk just as fast as any northerner just by putting 3 words into 4 letters.  "J'eet?"  (Did you eat?)


Where ya' goin'?  (It's kind of like Spanish where the "e" sound isn't said twice in a row, isn't it like veinte y uno?)


That's sumpin. 


That's riiiight.


Then there are words that drive my son crazy.  He's southern, but he has the best grammar and no southern talk.  The one that drives him the craziest is "warsh".


I've got to warsh the dishes, clothes, hands, etc.


My husband is mid-western and his verbs drive me crazy.  Past tense with a helper verb nearly every time.  "He had went."


In the 40 years I've known him, I bet I could count the number of times he got the verb right on both hands and, MAYBE, my toes, too.


But the main point here is that if you heard me, you wouldn't recognize that I was the same person whose posts you sometimes read here.

Anyone else?