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Different foreign exchange rate than bank and online sources

Question asked by cbossard on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by madmax

I got the Chase Marriott Visa so that I would have a card with no foreign transaction fees. Recently, I booked a stay at the Courtyard in Port of Spain Trinidad for next February and due to it being Carnival season I have to pay upfront. Initially my card was not charged because I had to wait for them to send me an authorization form that I emailed back.

My stay total came to $2859.23 on my online reservation so I authorized them to charge my card for that amount. However when I looked at my bank account online I was charged $2900.25.  I wrote that Marriott back to get clarification and they charged my card in TTD using an exchange rate of 6.47. It looks like my bank however only used a rate of 6.38ish so I end up being charged almost $50 USD extra. When I did a search on it says at least for today the rate should be 6.38 and google put it at 6.41. has the rate at 6.43 at the highest so I have no clue where the hotel is getting their exchange rate from but I do not think it is fair that I am being charged more than what I was quoted when I booked the room.