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Taking the family to Vegas

Question asked by jonathanhochman on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by blainep22

I'm a platinum member and stay at marriott pretty much weekly. I am heading to Vegas with my wife and 17 yr old daughter the first week of Dec. For reasons beyond my control we will be staying at MGM the majority of the trip. I do have one night that I am not booked into the MGM and would like to take advantage of my status at Marriott. I want to make this a special trip for my daughter. it's a new experience for her and would like any guidance I can get on how to get the best room/upgrades/perks for that one night


My questions are

1) which hotel on the strip offers the best experience for a family? nicest room/suite?

2) how can I best coordinate with the hotel so I get an upgrade and any other benefits (I keep reading that some of the properties don't care about platinum status)


Any additional tips tricks or insights would be more than welcome