The Spirit to Serve comes in unexpected places and at unexpected times.

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Palm Desert, just off El Paseo Drive, Coachella Valley CA--America's desert oasis.  The place: Tiramisu Restaurant,  great Italian, family owned, one of our favorites here. 

The scene: yesterday, October 12th. My Alma Mater, Penn State, is playing Michigan at Penn State's 107,000-seat Beaver Stadium and it's White Out Saturday--90% of the crowd is wearing bright white.  We watch as long as we can but have to get to the restaurant on time (6 pm) for our reservation.  We tune into XM channel 90 to listen to the game from State College (through the miracle of satellite radio) and listen in the car as the game goes into another overtime, then another, and another. 

We needed to get into the restaurant, and are greeted warmly by the hostess and her husband, the chef.  We sit down and are asked how we are doing, and we relay our game listening issue. He turns and gets a MacBook then  returns to the table, having already entered the live gamecast on  He places the computer down and we watch the end of the game, with Penn State winning in the fourth overtime.

A little thing, but a welcome one.  Much of what makes a great dining experience has nothing to do with the food, but the service.  This was the Spirit to Serve personified.