Only in Big Bear could like happen...

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DSCN1309.JPGWell it is frontier country, but a heavy metal Polka Band seems a tad bit over the top, sorta like Frankie Yankovick fronting for AC/DC!  At the same time Big Bear is one of the friendliest places anywhere: people actually talk to each other, no one is  worried about status (or so my staff tell me), everyone gives you a smile and a wave.  Must be a parallel universe.

DSCN1311.JPGIf you find yourself there please go to the Grizzly Manor Cafe for breakfast, and you will not be disappointed.  We sat at the counter (as the locals do) next to a CEO of a major software firm in Southern CA, but we talked for an hour about the meaning of life, our kids, and the secret to living the hand that you are dealt.  The owner is a bear of a man, takes only cash, encourages you to get your own coffee, and then refill everyone elses next to you. 

Food comes on forklifts, really. My wife had the "sissy style" pancake which could have fed three or more lumberjacks and I had the "small cheese omelet" with enough eggs to make twelve hens blush. 

What a great time, no discussion of points, loyalty, hotels we've stayed in, or even our "status."  Just human conversation about stuff, essential stuff. If you have a dollar give it to them and they pin it on the curtains, then take it all down and give it to charity.

I heartily recommend this place even if you aren't coming in from moving stones in your yard, or walking the many trails at 8000 feet above sea level.