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How does Marriott block rooms for far in the future?  (Ottawa availability 5/24/14)

Question asked by willies777 on Oct 9, 2013



I am in the early planning stages of a trip to Canada and was just checking marriotts in Ottawa.  The three days that I want to stay in Ottawa turns out to be Friday 5/23/14 to Monday 5/26/14, but there is no availability for marriotts in downtown.  Specifically, the three downtown hotels have saturday 5/24/14 as Not Available for Check-In: the Courtyard, Residence Inn, and Marriott.  While it is a holiday weekend for the USA (Memorial Day weekend) I don't see any Canadian holidays, and a search on Expedia for other hotels on that day in Ottawa turned up plenty of available non-Marriott hotels.  It just seems unlikely to me that all 3 hotels are booked solid on that day SEVEN months out.


Does Marriott block "busy" days off far into the future?  Why?

Will they unblock it sometime in the future?  When?