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Which Category 5 Marriott property in mid-December?

Question asked by jmstickney on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2013 by vaboywnder

Hey Everyone,


I am trying to pick a destination, on the romantic side, for early to mid-December.  The catch is that I will have three nights free up to Category 5 + a little over 30,000pts (Cat 6).  The original plan was Miami beach and the Dolphins/Patriots game BUT of course all of the Miami beach Marriotts start at Category 6 so I cannot use my certificates.  From here I've tried to utilize Tripadvisor and Travel+Leisure to find top destinations that won't be freezing and have good Marriott Category 5 options.


I have pretty much narrowed my options down to San Diego (Downtown or La Jolla) and New Orleans (French Quarter).


What does everyone think?  Does anyone have other ideas?




Thank you