Miriam B., Queen of the 26th Floor

Discussion created by hotel-stay-every-week-for-12-years on Oct 9, 2013
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I am nominating the Concierge Lounge evening attendant, Miriam B., for your Spirit To Serve award.

I have stayed here several times, and she has always welcomed me personally and made my stay that much better.

She remembers me and welcomes me back every time, and even when I'm "late" for dessert after a long day of travel, she'll surprise me with a tasty treat she just happened to hold back in her little kitchen.

Miriam B.'s welcoming, appropriate, affection is so very genuine and welcoming, that I am made to feel calm and welcome in an otherwise very busy major city, where such personal connections are not so easy to realize.

So please make an effort to recognize Miriam B., as she works very hard to make the concierge lounge on the 26th floor clean and well stocked, and her obvious enjoyment of her job, as I watch her make everyone who cares to be welcomed, feel exceptionally welcomed, to this fine property.