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Question asked by lizbeth on Oct 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by laurac

Have you ever rented a car at the airport, driven off, arrived at your hotel, and discovered that the vehicle was infested with ants?  It happened to us a week ago when we arrived in Gainesville, Florida at the Residence Inn I 75 for a few days, and it was a pretty grim experience.  I tried calling the car rental office at the airport and the phone was never answered.  The company had another location in Gainesville, and while the folks there answered the phone and were extremely polite, they had no extra cars to trade out because it was an event weekend.


We had really important business to do, and I couldn't cope with the hundreds of ants crawling all over the seats, windows, floors, me--everywhere--and simply couldn't force myself to get back in the car.  I thought maybe one of the hotel staff might have some kind of spray I could use, so I went to the lobby to see.  There stood David W., and when I explained my desperation he calmly told me that he would fix it.  He had a product that they used when there was a problem with ants in the hotel, and he offered to treat the car for me.  He fetched it, came out to the car with me and went to work.  He said it was safe, odorless, and very effective--and it was.  We left it in the car for a couple of hours, and when I went out to check, there was David, sweeping up the doggone ant carcasses.  What a hero! 


The hotel and all its employees are exceptional, but David W. is truly a gentleman, a model Marriott employee, and a good soul who went over and beyond the call of duty and saved the weekend.  Thanks, David!