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Properties that will cost Marriott their reputation

Question asked by thorpy on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2013 by profchiara

Had reservations at the Fairfied Kalamazoo East to attend soccer tournament with my daughter and her team.  One look at this property...I was on the phone with Marriott trying to switch my reservation with another property.  Can't beleive Marriott would allow their name to be associated with such a dump.  The Hotel (or should I say Motel) is beyond outdated, rundown, and tacky.  It is one of the old buildings with outside enterance doors located next to a vacant building full of truckers parking for the night.  Very questionable area.


I was able to switch to a Residence Inn down the road...however the other 16 families had a terrible experience. you have some type of quality control?  Maybe some Marriott employees should try this place out for themselves.  This place needs to be retires and sold to some "no tell motel" chain!!!


Any Marriott properties that you stayed at that would cost Marriott their reputation and brand loyalty?