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Anyone still have the latest Populr catalog?

Question asked by fujikomine on Oct 7, 2013
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Hi - I been eyeing the iPhone 5S offered in the latest Populr catalog for several weeks and waiting for my points to reach 205,000 points. So on Friday I bought the last few thousand points needed, saw it on the website but the points had not been cleared nor applied to the website yet. Ok I checked back Saturday and the points still had not been applied. Checked Sunday yesterday and yeah! Points applied. I went into the populr website to finally purchase it....only to find that the iPhone 5s was nowhere to be found. Only saw an older iPhone5 "bundle" for over 300k points.


What happened??


Called the 877-292-7347 help number and they tell me "without a item number they can't look the product up." I threw mine away a few weeks ago thinking that the website was good enough. Does anyone happen to have the old Populr paper catalog so that I use it to call in an order perhaps?


Thanks a million!