Renaissance Heathrow - poor customer care

Discussion created by platinumstar on Oct 1, 2013
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I have been corresponding with the Renaissance London Heathrow by email because every time i stay there the hotel doesn't post my points or nights credit. In addition, i was told that some of the rates were not eligible for points, which I disagreed with at checkout and was then told the same information again by the front of house manager by email, which again I said was incorrect. It was only after perseverance that I got my points and night credits. I would add that on each of these stays the rates were public ones on the Marriott website, ie; Summer promotions - they were not friends and family, 3rd party or travel industry or rates that are applicable only to those that meet a certain criteria. I was assured by the front of house manager that the rates had now been adjusted on their system and the next 2 stays pre booked with the hotel had been personally checked and would benefit from MR points/ nights credits. After my stay on the 13th Sept I found no points, yet the Marriott Berlin managed to post my points the very next day following on from my stay at Heathrow. I gave the hotel sufficient time to post my points (10 days as per the Marriott website) but nothing happened, i emailed the front of house manager and to date have still not had the courtesy of a reply or my account credited. My 2nd stay last Friday has still not been credited,, yet again, my trip following on from Heathrow was to Budapest and today they posted my points having only checked out of Budapest yesterday. I have once again emailed the front of house manager who previously told me they had personally checked my stays would be credited and I'm still waiting. I am not going to contact Marriott rewards to get the points posted because this happens every time at the Renaissance, or if I'm lucky I might get the base points but am missing the 500 points for being a Platinum member. It needs the hotel to accept their responsibilities it has to their guests and to get it right. On one occasion i was told by the front desk that i was not eligible for my Platinum gift because i was redeeming points for my stay, and just to add to it, the lady was training a new staff member, so if thats how staff get trained its no wonder that guests suffer. I will say that I argued the point that i was right and they were wrong and eventually got a call in my room to apologise and got the welcome gift of 500 points.


Clearly the Renaissance Heathrow has issues with the posting of points/nights credits. There is a choice of the Marriott Heathrow and the Marriott Windsor/Heathrow but the Renaissance is more convenient for the airport, but they need to remember that members do have a choice, and not only of Marriott hotels yet they seem to take little notice of this.