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Looking for 'pet friendly' properties in Cork, Ireland.

Question asked by 1jester1 on Oct 3, 2013

There is a strong possibility that my husband and I, along with our two dogs AND two cats may have to travel from the US for a two year relocation to Cork, Ireland. So my question is this, aside from the obvious sites (Tripadvisor/Google Maps/etc), does anyone know of a hotel, NICE motel or a B&B that is NOT listed on such sites, but allows pets on their property? The reason why is so that I can keep everyone together while we find a permanent residence in the country.


Thanks for any help you all can offer in this matter.




Also note folks that I have done all the research and have all the paperwork necessary to bring my animals into the UK and Ireland.


Pet Travel and EU Pet Passport - Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine


Requirements for entry or re-entry of dogs, cats and ferrets into Ireland from a country outside of the EU (or certain non-EU European countries - Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine


There are no rabies titers, quarantine, etc that are required. As of 2013, all that is needed is that dogs have a universal 15 digit code microchip, 10 days prior to travel have their health certificates and be vaccinated for tapeworms within 5 days. As for the cats they need the above minus the tapeworm vac. For specific info see the links above. And of course, all rabies vacs be up to date. I appreciate your concern 'randomname', and thank you for that, but all I need is assistance with is any properties that are near Cork's city center, Douglas, Rochestown or Mahon that allow animals on property. Thank you.